cocaine kingpin

Pablo Escobar wrote some of Colombia’s bloodiest chapters, yet managed to win the hearts of many of its citizens. In Cocaine Kingpin, we’ll hear personal accounts of those he came in contact with as he became one of the world’s most wanted criminals.

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1 x 60'

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Fusion TV





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The story of Pablo Escobar is not only a part of the history of Colombia, but also how one man influenced American politics and power structures throughout the World. A man who became one of the most wanted criminals on the Planet; yet he managed to gain the hearts of many in Colombia, who still mourn his death. Playing a key role in the political life of the nation, Escobar wrote many chapters of the history of Colombia in blood. Now, for the first time, we will hear personal accounts of those who came face to face with Escobar, and lived to tell their story. From politicians kidnapped by Escobar, DEA agents who pursued him, sons of Escobar’s victims, to rival cartel members, and even Escobar’s own son, each personal account brings us closer to understanding the man behind the name: Pablo Escobar. Limited Availability: US Hispanic & LATAM Only.

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