life after lockup (series 2)

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14 x 60'

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Sharp Entertainment





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Life After Lockup follows the lives of 7 former inmates and their significant others, from the hit series Love After Lockup, on their weird and wild journey to survive the real world and stay out of prison. Season 2 features Megan, Michael & Sarah, Marcelino & Brittany, Andrea & Lamar, Angela & Tony, Clint & Tracie, Cheryl & Josh, and Lacey, Shane & John. In this season, they face plenty of firsts in their new lives together – from new marriages to divorce, new homes to new children, all while trying to avoid the urge to fall back to their old ways. But none of it will be easy because they must do it all while living under the challenges of their parole. Restrictions abound: early curfews, random check-ins, drug tests, travel prohibitions, consorting with ex-cons combined with the temptations of alcohol and drugs, the stakes have never been higher. Will they stay together and stay out of prison?

Episode Titles

Skeletons in the Closet Manipulate the Manipulator Wake Up Calls
Between Roc and a Hard Place Rules and Receipts Bonded and Ghosted
Con-fessions Risky Business Royal Flush
The Wife, The Girlfriend and the Side Chick Who's Cheating On Who The Final Straw
CONfessions Special

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