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‘A Life Unbound’ explores brain plasticity strategies and the role these strategies can play in revolutionising the human experience.

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Death and Prosperity





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Whether it’s Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke or Dementia, cutting edge neuroscience is beginning to change what’s possible when it comes to recovery and prevention. Speaking with the worlds top neuroscientists A Life Unbound explores brain plasticity strategies and the role these strategies can play in revolutionizing the human experience. Speaking with Dr. Michael Merzenich, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Dr. Martha Herbert and Dr. Rick Hanson we are taken on a journey to understanding the brain by the biggest names in Neuroscience. A Life Unbound explores the possibilities of brain plasticity strategies, and the impact they can have on society. Following the journey of Tessa David and the Jacobi family, we get a first-hand look at peoples lives who have been drastically altered by these strategies. With insight from some of the worlds top Neuroscientists, we learn about how brain plasticity works in both children and adults while opening a conversation on the implications of what integrated brain plasticity strategies can mean for society as a whole. Can these new developments in our understanding of the brain change the way we think about everything from education to autism, and the inevitable journey of aging? After the birth of their first child, the Jacobi family learned that the likelihood of their son being able to walk, talk, or have an emotional connection was bleak. As the news set in about what this new reality would look like in their lives, they heard about the Anat Baniel Method. The Anat Baniel Method is a revolutionary brain plasticity strategy that uses movement to rewire the brain. After the first lesson, the impact was immediate, and within 18 months their son was beginning to walk and talk, far surpassing his original prognosis. Through personal stories and scientific analysis ‘A Life Unbound’ uncovers what makes these miraculous outcomes possible as well as the challenges with bringing these brain plasticity strategies into the mainstream.

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