running with wolves

Join Gudrun Pflueger on her mission to track down and learn everything she can about the wolves of British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains.

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1 x 60'

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Gudrun Pflueger is an extraordinary individual. A woman of the wilds, wolf biologist by training and ex-world championship athlete, Gudrun is used to challenges. For years she scoured the Canadian wilderness in search of wolves, one of the world’s most elusive creatures. Then four years ago she had a life changing experience – a rare close encounter with a pack of wolves in British Columbia. For Gudrun it was a dream come true. But within weeks she was fighting for her life – a malignant cancerous brain tumour the size of a golf ball was found growing in her brain. On her long road to recovery she has had one goal in mind – to be reunited with the wolves. Now she is to live her dream – to run with her wolf friends in the spectacular wilds of Canada.

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