waka & tammy: what the flocka (series 1)

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6 x 60'

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Entertainment One Television for WE tv





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Hip Hop’s iconic sweethearts Waka Flocka Flame and his fiery wife Tammy Rivera have been through it all. They have each survived childhoods shook by murder, violence and drugs... only to find each other, fall in love, and begin building a successful life together. Eight months after renewing their vows in their dream wedding, the fire has started to flame out and Waka and Tammy are divided more than ever. From home renovations, juggling Tammy’s bustling music career, parenting their teenage daughter Charlie, and meddling in-laws..navigating marriage has become their biggest hurdle yet. Waka and Tammy have swapped roles and the power struggle is real! Waka tries to figure out where he fits in when he puts his rap career on hold to support Tammy recording her first album with a legendary producer. But when Tammy starts to go over budget, the battle lines are drawn between their personal and professional life. Meanwhile, everything at home is turned upside down in the midst of a public scandal. Unbeknownst to Waka, Tammy is hit with a 1 million dollar lawsuit! Testing them at every turn is their sassier than ever teenage daughter Charlie who plays her parents against each other. Waka and Tammy’s parenting styles clash as they try to teach Charlie life lessons. Tension ignites when Waka’s mother, hip hop manager Debra Antney, presses Tammy for not spending enough time with the family and not giving her a grandchild yet. As Tammy tries to manage the pressure, Waka spirals into a dark place and loses a sense of himself. Waka is finally pushed over the edge and the power couple comes to a crossroad. In the end, will they get through it all and can their marriage be saved?

Episode Titles

Marriage in Chaos Marriage is Deception Marriage is a Firestorm
Marriage is Madness Marriage is Lustful Marriage is WTF

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