six days in august

This film juxtaposes the 2006 AIDS Conference in Toronto with the realities of life in Durban, showing how much can happen in a week. We follow Zola as she tries to get into school, Zama finding out the truth about her mother's death, and Velele trying to stay 'positive' about HIV but heading towards a nervous breakdown.

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1 x 60'

Production Company

Ethan Films





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Bill Clinton and Bill Gates demand change at the International AIDS Conference. Meanwhile in Durban, South Africa, site of the conference years earlier, Zola thinks her father died because he liked girls. Zama believes her mother died because witch doctors were jealous. A dramatic experiment in real time, Six Days In August day by day juxtaposes the AIDS Conference with the realities of life on the ground. Zola tries to get into school, Zama discovers the truth about her mother's death. It also discovers the attitudes of the population at large. Filmed as the World Cup approached, the film shows just how much can happen over the course of one week. In a city where one in four people were infected, the government's solution was to urge its people to eat beetroot and garlic, and most just wish the problem would go away on its own. But real solutions are emerging, and hope is on the horizon.

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