fixers, the (series 2)

Back for a second series joing our four passionate builders, in ten remote locations, with one mission: to improve more lives.

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10 x 60'

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Our four passionate builders are back for a second series, visiting ten more remote locations, with one mission: to improve peoples lives. 'The Fixers' are leading the charge, traveling the world and donating their expertise, offering their services to bring a sense of wellbeing to places all too familiar with hardship. From renovating the recreational facilities on a remote Alaskan Island, to helping The Lake Clinic restore a floating medical clinic on the Tonle Sap river in Cambodia, 'The Fixers' will do whatever it takes to do good in a world overshadowed by bad circumstance.

Episode Titles

Alaska’s Healing Hearts CAEMBA Ecuador Cambodia Lake Clinic
Puerto Rico Basketball Court Honduran Bakery Arkansas TOPPS
CBM Los Angeles Blues Gym COMEA Cheyenne

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