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Travel the world with friends and modern day explorers Gabriele and Ludovico as they use an array of unconventional vehicles, looking for the best possible experiences.

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52 x 15'

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Travel Media House





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Gabriele and Ludovico are two Italian friends and modern day explorers. Using any kind of unconventional vehicles, they travel the world looking for the best experiences possible. Sometimes they have fun, while sometimes things don't go as planned. Spread over 52 amazing episodes, journey with Gabriele and Ludovico as they across Ethiopia in tuk tuks, discover poor car rental in Morocco, use public transport in Myanmar and in Senegal use the legendary ‘car-rapide'. They explore the island of Madagascar in search of its diversity and the natural wonders of New Zealand with a 60s hippy van, visit the temples of Sri Lanka with a school bus, bike around the glaciers of Iceland, and reach the end of the world in Japan with a washing machine. Whilst they reach for the sky by climbing the Rainbow Mountains in Peru, they also take part in a field mission of UNHCR staff to meet Syrian refugees in Lebanon, explore the enormous salt flats in Bolivia, and the ancient city of Petra in Jordan and crossing the entire Jordan Trail by foot. More or less. 4K available upon request.

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