ghost moms

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1 x 60'

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Authentic Entertainment





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What happens when a group of risk-taking, fiercely independent woman get together to seek out the supernatural? When the sun goes down on Oklahoma, these women leave their husbands and children behind and start searching the shadows. And you might be surprised by what finds them!
Meet the PITT, the Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa. Every weekend, after dark, they bravely set out to study notorious haunted homes, businesses and more – seeing, hearing and feeling for themselves what’s frightening people and keeping them up at night. But there’s a reason this particular group of people is driven to chase the afterlife, and we get to know them as they work together to seek the stories behind the strange phenomena they’re called on to investigate.
Imagine watching TV and seeing the screen glaze over in a scene of an aeroplane catastrophe, and then several days later, hearing about that catastrophe in the news. Or falling asleep and dreaming of a natural disaster, and waking to find it true.

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