Lauren Hutton takes us on a Kalahari adventure to discover how ancient tracking skills are being put to an ingenious new use.

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1 x 60'

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Aardvark | Earthrise | Liquid Pictures | Off the Fence





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The San people of southern Africa are the world’s most renowned trackers. Commonly known as the Bushmen, they have lived on this land for thousands of years and know every thread in the delicate web of life that stretches across the vast, unforgiving desert. But here, as everywhere, modern influences have taken their toll. Thousands of years of ancestral knowledge are at risk of being lost. By combining the skills of master tracker Karel Kleinman with the latest computer technology, hi-tech tracker Louis Liebenberg brings revolutionary new ideas to modern conservation. San trackers feed raw data on animal behaviour into a Cybertracker – a palmtop computer linked with a GPS satellite positioning system. Processed and analysed, the data brings new insights to wildlife management policy. Here in the Kalahari, the San are working closely with conservationists to ensure that future generations inherit Africa’s precious wildlife and the ability to track it.

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