butterflies: superheroes of nature

'Butterflies: Superheroes of Nature' takes us on a stunning journey of discovery to explore their unknown super-powers, you will never look at butterflies the same way again!

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3 x 60' or 1 x 60'

Production Company

Pernel Media





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With names like blue morpho, red admiral, death’s head hawkmoth and small emperor moth, butterflies make up nature’s own team of superheroes. Some can beat their wings over distances of more than 10 000 kilometers. Others can take on the appearance of an owl to scare off enemies. Some can even become invisible. These cunning, shape shifting Avengers of nature are also blessed with incredible beauty.

But how do butterflies, reputed to be so fragile and ephemeral, deploy these super powers? What are the secrets of these superheroes of nature? They may seem inoffensive, yet butterflies have conquered the world. They have even inspired us humans to achieve the incredible with what nature offers us.

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