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The cry from the fastvanish­ing man­grove forest, essential for life on Earth, is finally being heard. With voices from the Madagascan forest, we tell the story of the mangrove.

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After decades of being exploited and destroyed Mangroves are being restored. They are among the most productive ecosystems on earth, and serve many important functions, not only are they unparalleled for forests at storing carbon, which helps fight the climate crisis, they also sustain life for humans and an array of animals and plants that live in oceans and rivers. Off the coast of East Africa, Madagascar has an abundance of extraordinary wildlife living among mangroves such as Nile crocodiles, sea turtles, dugongs, over 20 species of lemur, and birds such as the Madagascar fish-eagle. Unfortunately, mangrove deforestation is occurring around the world, including Madagascar, to clear land for development or shrimp aquaculture, and wood for building materials and charcoal. Blue Ventures has started a community-led mangrove management project to help protect coastal ecosystems and livelihoods. We hear from the locals on the ground about the benefits of this project and how Mangroves are saving lives.

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