wild hope

‘Wild Hope’ is a new series of short films highlighting the intrepid changemakers who are working to restore and protect our planet.

programme information


8 x 30'

Production Company

A production of HHMI Tangled Bank Studios and Part2 Pictures in co-production with Wild Elements.





Episode Information

'Wild Hope' is a series of cinematic, short films profiling real people at work restoring and protecting our planet. Each episode aims to inspire audiences with the story of intrepid changemakers taking action to solve fundamental threats in our environment. Set in some of the world’s most beautiful and epic locations, our 10 short films show how small actions can lead to large-scale solutions. Through bold interventions, unexpected alliances, and innovative science, these agents of change are making a positive impact. It’s not the point of view we usually get when talking about Earth’s problems today, but it’s one that can actually help change the world.

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