military masterminds

Military Masterminds analysis the life and feats of military leaders from the past century.

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4 x 60'

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A CIC Production for otf studios





Episode Information

For thousands of years the fight for land, territory and resources has dominated the history books, as well as those military leaders who fought them. But one century stands out as the bloodiest; a period full of conflicts, battles and revolutions. From the two World Wars and the Chinese Revolution, to the Cuban Missile Crisis and Operation Desert Storm, the 20th Century saw momentous shifts in ideology and military advances in both technology and armaments. This century also saw the emergence of a new generation of warriors, whose ideas, tactics, manoeuvres and strategies would earn them their place in history as Military Masterminds. This series analyzes the life and feats of the greatest generals of the past century. Each episode explores a different military tactic - Rapid Dominance, Combat Power, Deception and Guerrilla Warfare - and four military masterminds who utilised each strategy to ensure victory in war.

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