real unicorn, the

The story of an extraordinary woman and her battle to protect the okapi, ‘the unicorn of Africa’

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1 x 90' or 1 x 60'

Production Company

Federation Entertainment





Episode Information

It was pure chance that on the 24th June, 2012, Rosmarie Ruf was not at the headquarters of the Okapi Conservation Project in Epulu. Otherwise she would be dead. That day the guerrila group Mai Mai Simba attackedthe conservation centre’s facilities. Killing six of Rosmarie’s companions and the 14 ambassador okapis of the conservation programme, along with kidnapping 28 women. 10 years later, Rosmarie will bring together an experienced team of rangers, Mbuti and veterinarians to capture three okapis with which to resurrect the conservation project. A conservation mission, never filmed before. Delivery: Q4 2023


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