secret life of the forest (series 2)

Filmed over one Summer, this series reveals the spectacular beauty of Dalby and Cropton Forests.

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8 x 60'





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Filmed over one Summer, this eight-part series reveals the spectacular beauty of Dalby and Cropton Forests. Situated on the edge of the North York Moors, they are home to some of Britain's greatest and most secretive wildlife, from pine martens to kingfishers, nightjars and even badgers. Hidden away in a secret location there is even a family of beavers, who have been introduced to see how they would transform the landscape. Over this series we use secret cameras to follow their progress as they show off their extraordinary engineering skills, felling trees and building dams to create a watery wonderland full of other wildlife. There is also the sound of tiny beaver feet as two babies, known as kits, are born.

Despite their rich collection of wildlife, incredibly these forests didn’t even exist one hundred years ago. They were created to help provide the country with timber and while they are still working forests, they have evolved to become a refuge for a vast array of flora and fauna.

This series now takes you inside this stunning and underappreciated part of the British countryside, meeting the animals and people who live here, revealing the secrets of the forest.

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