cursed histories (series 1)

This series explores the eerie, puzzling and unnerving historical elements, places, icons, or events that seem to be plagued by what can only be described as a ‘curse’.

programme information


6 x 60'

Production Company

Go Button Media / otf studios





Episode Information

You don't have to believe, but you should beware... Unravelling the histories and legends that unleashed a wave of misfortune into the world, these tales of intrigue, heartbreak, and deception are so tragic people still speak of the sinister forces surrounding the cursed. Learn how one misstep can set off a ripple of suffering. From the tomb of Tutankamun to the Hope Diamond to the Lost City of Frenier, history is riddled with people, places, and objects that spread utterly wicked, unbridled chaos that brought death, disaster, and destruction upon them. How did these curses come to be? Whose wrath is responsible? What's the truth behind the unlucky? And can anyone ever hope to contain it?

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