journey to everest

An epic 100th anniversary voyage across the world to reach Everest, retracing the route of the tragic yet mysterious 1924 expedition.

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3 x 60'

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Little Bird Films / otf studios





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With unique access to the Royal Geographic Society’s treasure trove of colourized photographs and film from the original expedition, we’ll compare the adventure of today with the groundbreaking and gruelling mission back then - gaining new insights into the hearts and minds of the ‘24 explorers, their physical and psychological challenges, and how the decisions made during the voyage through India & Tibet led to their doomed attempt on the summit.

Mountaineer Jake Norton takes a celebraty on a journey from Liverpool to beyond the Base Camp - retracing the route taken by George Mallory and Andrew “Sandy” Irvine 100 years ago. So many questions remain about the 1924 expedition, including the big one: did Mallory & Irvine reach the summit before they died? But a story that has never been told before is the prior journey from England to Everest. This voyage was an epic, groundbreaking mission in itself, and it was along the way that decisions were made that shaped the fateful events on the mountain. In retelling this story through a contemporary and experiential lens, fresh insights and revelations emerge...

Delivery: 12 months from green-light


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