singapore wildlife rescue

Access all areas behind the scenes at Singapore’s pioneering ACRES rescue center where urban and rainforest animals in desperate need get a second chance at life in the wild.

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There’s no place quite like Singapore – the island city state with its own biodiverse rainforest and freshwater swamp forest – all on a tiny landmass where animals and 5.7 million people must learn to co-exist, cheek by jowl. As urbanization pushes ever further, wildlife encounters and conflicts with humans are on the rise...

There’s never been a greater need for a unique animal rescue center like ACRES. 24/7, 365 days a year, this wildlife rescue center’s emergency hotline is on call to save animals of every shape and size – both exotic animals imported into Singapore as part of the illegal wildlife trade, and a vast range of native species... Sunda pangolins – the most trafficked mammals in the world, reticulated pythons, spitting cobras, flying snakes, monitor lizards, sambar deer, giant turtles, palm civets, fruit bats, sea eagles and long-tailed macaques. All creatures great and small are expertly treated here and, where possible, released to roam free.

Delivery: 9 months from green-light


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