owls - masters of the night

Owls are remarkable, highly resourceful birds that have carved out a unique way to thrive in the magical corners of the wild.

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1 x 60'

Production Company

Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm





Episode Information

Owls are mysterious creatures, living in a twilight world that we can rarely visit. Many cultures, including the Romans, Mayans and Aztecs, saw owls as something to fear, symbols of bad luck and impending doom.

In reality owls are highly resourceful birds that have carved out a niche and a unique way to live. They range in size from smaller than a pigeon to as large as an eagle. They’ve colonised terrains from tundra to rainforest. And they’ll hunt anything from rodents and frogs to other birds and fish.

With owls capable of eating 1,000 rodents per year they also offer cheap and easy pest control for our cities and farmers. It is clear that helping owls is helping ourselves, but a third of owl species are endangered. But with a little help from us, there’s no doubt they can continue to haunt the dark and magical corners of the wild.

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