wild summer school

It is early summer and wild places across the world, whether beaches, jungles, mountains or grassy plains are preparing for summer school to begin.

programme information


1 x 60'

Production Company

Doclights / NDR Naturfilm




Episode Information

The best years of our lives; we all look back with fondness on our childhoods. Those carefree days spent playing, exploring and getting to know the world. Animal childhoods aren’t really that different, only their early years are spent in the wild. And just like humans, not all animal childhoods are the same. Some kids spend a long time with mum, learning the important family traditions, while others prefer to figure things out for themselves from the start. Some grow up as an only child, while others have more brothers and sisters than they can count. Their first summers in nature will be full of drama and no doubt endless surprises along the way. And before they know it school will be out for summer once again. Not everyone will have reached the end of term, but those who do will be armed with the life skills needed to tackle many more.

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