animals in superstition

We humans are a funny bunch with our superstitions and beliefs – and many of these involve animals.

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1 x 60'

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Docligts GmbH / NDR Naturfilm





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Since humans first sat telling stories around campfires, our culture has been embellished with su-perstition; folklore to explain the mysteries of the world. All told, we are a funny bunch with our su-perstitions and beliefs, and many of these involve animals. It’s said to be bad luck to see a black cat crossing our path, and owls can be viewed as evil spirits – the opposite of storks which are welcome visitors. It can be both good and bad luck to see magpies, while creepy crawlies can bring prosperity. These beliefs are a little odd, and often have equally bizarre and remarkable origins. They often have roots in ancient customs and debunked beliefs, which unfortunately means super-stitions are not always good for animals. It’s time to re-examine the weird and wacky world of ani-mals in superstition, both the myths and the facts.

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