seals - clowns of the sea

Life is rarely easy for seals, and yet all over the world they consistently rise to the challenge – and always have fun doing it.

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1 x 60'

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Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm





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Much loved clowns of the sea, seals are endlessly fascinating. Even though they’re not much more than bloated sausages on land, they’re agile hunters and supremely graceful in the water. They en-tertain us with dramatic courtships, an endlessly playful sense of curiosity and some of the cutest babies on the planet. From the cold-loving grey seals of the North Atlantic with their chubby wetsuits to the fur seals cooking on the sweltering beaches of the Galapagos, seals have found a way to thrive in almost every coastal environment. They’re versatile and adaptable animals, but life is rare-ly easy for seals, whether they’re facing predation from larger animals or the challenges that hu-manity places on their blubbery shoulders. And yet all over the world they consistently rise to the challenge, and always seem to have fun doing it.

Living in a world dominated by humans isn’t easy for any wildlife, but as a species we are starting to realise the importance of sharing our space with other beings. If seals can learn to cope with us, there’s no reason we can’t do the same, and make space for these lovable creatures that we find so entertaining.

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