great species of africa

From the empathetic elephant, lightning-fast cheetah, beautiful yet elusive leopard, misunderstood vulture, awe-inspiring wildebeest, intelligent hyena to the iconic lion, get to know the African Savanna’s star-studded ensemble cast in nature’s symphony of life.

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6 x 30' or 3 x 60'

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Definition Studios





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Travel alongside a herd of elephants and see the amazing journey of these majestic creatures, who can travel up to 100 miles in a day, following ancient routes remembered by the Matriarch and passed on for generations. See how even the strongest predators, such as cheetahs and leopards, can face danger at every turn. Learn just why we cannot afford to have a Savanna without vultures. These birds are known as the great recyclers of the Savanna – and it’s the intensity with which they do their jobs that sometimes get them a bad rap – when in fact they rarely, if ever, kill anything themselves. Witness nature’s greatest spectacle, the annual wildebeest migration, where over one and a half million wildebeest follow an ancient pattern driven by rainfall and fertile soils. Discover much more than meets the eye about hyenas, bold and curious animals that show intellect unlike any other animal on the Savanna. Meet the one animal that rules supreme as the undisputed King of the Jungle - the lion, and some surprising ways lions can work together. The great species of the African Savanna will leave you in awe of the creatures you only thought you knew.

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