dancing for akeeda

Dancing for Akeeda is an emotional and uplifting story of triumph over adversity, of one young soul’s refusal to be bowed by poverty, crime, and violence in one of South Africa’s most notorious townships.

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1 x 90'

Production Company

Marquee Film & Television / otf studios





Episode Information

Shot over eight years, Dancing for Akeeda is a feature-length documentary that introduces the world to Faakhir Bestman – a young ballet dancer born in one of the most deprived townships of South Africa who lives to dance. Part City of God and part Billy Elliot, this is a story of transcendent talent blooming in a ghetto stricken by a drug epidemic and brutal violence. We’ve followed the journey from his discovery by a local teacher, to the crushing death of his beloved sister Akeeda, through the knock backs and failed try outs, on to London and New York. Now, after 4 years the National School for the Arts in Johannesburg, Faakhir is turning 18 and has just won a place at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet in New York. His dream is about to become reality.

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