a new revolution (w/t)

Can the Paris Paralympics ignite a global disability revolution the likes the world has never seen before?

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1 x 90'

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Harder Than You Think & Ventureland





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This cinematic documentary film intertwines the intimate personal journey of director Sheridan O'Donnell, as he navigates his uncharted future as a blind filmmaker whilst embarking a global quest to empower and unite the voices of the disabled community. Sheridan connects and learns from a cast of vibrant and international activists of a community that is overlooked and severely underrepresented; but this is about to change. In the year 2024, ‘Paris 2024: A New Revolution’ is a long overdue wake-up call to the world, sparking a movement to give the disabled community a seat at every table.

From the award-winning filmmakers of 'Rising Phoenix', and “Beckham” comes an unprecedented opportunity to be at the forefront of a global shift of programming. With exclusive behind the scenes and trackside access to the Paralympics through to the LA Games 2028, the 'Rising Phoenix Universe' unleashes groundbreaking stories of Paralympians and the wider disabled community across a series of stunning projects spanning from now to 2028.

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