road to tokyo

The paralympians training for Tokyo 2020 had made provisions for every obstacle, every eventuality…except a global pandemic.

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3 x 60'

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Harder Than You Think & Ventureland





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The Tokyo 2020 paralympics were postponed right when athletes were at the peak of their training. Four years of preparations (or more) thrown into disarray. How do you train for one of the world’s biggest sporting events when you're told to stay at home? Lockdowns, travel restrictions, masks, global uncertainty… This series follows a cast of international paralympians as they try to keep their bodies and minds ready amongst the most challenging circumstances imaginable. If you didn't think paralympic athletes were extraordinary enough, watch this.

From the award-winning filmmakers of 'Rising Phoenix', and “Beckham” comes an unprecedented opportunity to be at the forefront of a global shift of programming. With exclusive behind the scenes and trackside access to the Paralympics through to the LA Games 2028, the 'Rising Phoenix Universe' unleashes groundbreaking stories of Paralympians and the wider disabled community across a series of stunning projects spanning from now to 2028.

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