cursed histories (series 2)

Cursed Histories is back for a second series to separate more myths, legends, and lore from reality, as we break down the most dreadful of curses. You can't out run a curse....

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6 x 60'

Production Company

Go Button Media / otf studios





Episode Information

Was it bad luck…or something more sinister? Harrowing tales linger like a poisonous cloud around places, people and objects that seem fraught with misfortune. A cursed item, a dangerous locale, or a dread-filled warning spark a series of tragedies and hardships. Too disturbing to be coincidence, what’s the truth behind history’s most macabre timelines?

As we separate myth, legend, and lore from reality, we break down the most dreadful of curses. From an insect-like man who brought tragedy to a small town, to a bloody signature that spelled disaster for a whole city, history brims with stories of wickedness inflicted on the living. What’s the truth behind the stories of the afflicted — whom did curse victims unwittingly anger? And what set off a dark chain of events?

Each episode explores three shocking, eerie, and unnerving curses and their respective tales of woe. We set the historical scene and watch as chaos is unleashed. As mere happenstance moves towards paranormal interference, audiences are left feeling ill at ease — how can we use logic to dispel the eerie lore surrounding history’s deadliest curses?

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