operation deep sea: shedding light in the darkness

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1 x 60'

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Marco Polo Film





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Deep sea: 1km below the surface. No light, immense pressure and icy temperatures. The deep sea encompasses more than 90% of our planet’s habitat, yet we know less about these depths than about the moon. This film documents the technical, scientific, and ecological challenges of deep sea researchers. Scientists work worldwide together to collect data on the physical state of the upper ocean. With more than 3,000 autonomous floats they monitor the oceans for influences on weather systems like El Nino or the monsoon. Does it affect global climate change? Does the deep sea offer solutions for our CO2 issues? What will be the next deep sea dweller to be discovered? And, as always, can we find more natural gas or oil? By presenting exciting new projects worldwide, this documentary reveals the latest developments in deep sea science. In a world of dwindling resources and a changing climate, we need to know more about the depths of the element that makes this planet a blue one.

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