future earth: journey to the end of the world

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1 x 60'

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A production of MC4 in Association with ARTE France, Off the Fence & MSNBC





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It’s the start of the Arctic Winter and the beginning of a voyage that will take an international team of elite earth scientists to the top of the world. Their mission – to search for explanations of global warming and try to slow it down. Together this team will complete a complex, cutting edge scientific expedition with three simple aims: - To discover the current status of global warming impact on the Arctic’s ice, sea and atmosphere. - To reveal what the future holds for the Arctic and the implications for the rest of our planet. - To try and find out what we can do to prevent these changes from creating a global disaster. This is the real thing, it’s witnessing first hand the profound changes that are happening now in one of earth’s most remote places but one with that can impact our entire planet.

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