final sacrifice

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1 x 60'

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Bang Productions





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To be Vaghri in modern India is to be a pariah, to live outside the mainstream, neither peasant nor city dweller, on the fringe of a rapidly developing economy. With their long hair, tattoos and necklaces made from the claws and teeth of the animals they hunt, they are physically striking and their lives are as much an enigma to local Indians as to any outsider. They survive by hunting in the forests and fields, selling trinkets to the tourists and generally trading on their difference. But times are changing. The younger generation is no longer happy to remain outcasts, but fear losing their independence. We follow the story of Karthik, the only member of his tribe who goes to school and who is adamant about being a good student as well as a good hunter. Karthik is walking between two worlds, the traditional life of the nomad hunter and a citizen of modern India.

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