make hummus not war

Make Hummus Not War is a humorous journey though the hummus bars and kitchens of, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and New York.

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1 x 60' or 1 x 90'

Production Company

Yarra Bank Films






Winner Special Jury Award at the Indonesian International Film Festival 2013, Gold Peace Award at the Indonesian International Film Festival 2013

Episode Information

Filmmaker Trevor Graham is an Australian hummus tragic. Every week in his Bondi Beach home he obsessively observes the hummus making ritual – mashing chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic and tahini, with just a touch of cumin. But when the Hummus War erupted in the Middle East in 2008, amongst the usual suspects: Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine, Graham was intrigued and hungry for more. He’s a masher, not a fighter, though, and this is a perfect opportunity to unite Arab-Israeli enemies under the unifying banner of good food! Make Hummus Not War is a humorous homage to the chickpea’s most distinguished dish. But there’s a personal story within the story, how Graham became a hummus tragic – a father who served as a soldier in Palestine during World War II – and two lovers in his life: one Egyptian, one Jewish, with whom he shared a great culinary passion.

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