sos: the science of speedboat accidents

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1 x 60'

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Hoff Productions in association with Off the Fence





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Speed. Water. Danger. Three ingredients that make professional powerboat racing the most death-defying sport in the world. At speeds of up to 200mph, brave drivers race through wind and waves for their chance at victory. Their boats are marvels of science and engineering, but even the most technologically advanced can crash. This programme uncovers the quest for speed and survival, and the harsh realities of disaster. From Formula One Racers to Offshore Powerboats to Unlimited Hydroplanes, we look at the world’s fastest boats, the sport’s best drivers, and the most advanced technologies combine to win races and records. We see how tiny adjustments can mean the difference between winning the race, and picking up the pieces. And we see the horrifying results when supercharged watercraft fly, swim, roll, and even explode. Along the way we’ll uncover the science of design and the mechanics of safety through the eyes of legendary builders and drivers. And we’ll get to know the people whose hunger for success propels them ever closer to the edge of disaster.

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