dugong & din

This is the story of a unique friendship between Din, and eight-year-old boy and one of the world's rarest mamals, the Dugon, or sea cow.

programme information


1 x 60'

Production Company

Michael Patrick Wong & Off the Fence production

Executive Producer

Ellen Windemuth



Episode Information

On a distant island near Borneo, an 8 year-old boy called Din keeps an incredible secret. He has forged a friendship with one of the rarest and shyest creatures in the ocean, a dugong – or sea cow.

Dugong & Din is the heart-warming story of this friendship, of how, in the warm waters of the South China Sea, the bond between a boy and a giant sea mammal grew without limitation. Through their adventures we uncover the mysterious behaviour of dugongs and explore the incredible natural diversity of Din’s island home. We also expose the plight of the islanders who have lived in harmony with nature for centuries, until now. The arrival of foreign fishermen with new and heavy-handed techniques damages the balance of nature – and threatens to blow Din’s world apart.

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